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WAMA Mission

WAMA's mission includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • To promote safety, economic value, and public benefit at ALL of the airports in the State of Wisconsin.
  • To educate the aviation community with information that may be helpful to the future of aviation.
  • To educate local and regional governments of the economic value of aviation within Wisconsin.
  • To seek and exchange information between other aviation professionals who may have experiences and insights that can benefit each other.
  • To investigate, study, discuss, recommend, and promote improvement in the aviation system to airport operators, Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics, FAA and legislators.
  • To develop working cooperation between Government, business, and aviation entities.
  • To promote the education and participation of young people in aviation.


Board of Directors

2018 – 2019 Officers

Charles Sweet, II, Airport Manager, Sheboygan County Airport,  920.226.2931

Vice President
Brian Grefe, CM, Airport Director, Central Wisconsin Airport,  715.693.2147

Marty Piette, AAE, Airport Director, Austin Straubel Int’l Airport,  920.680.4801

Executive Director
Bob O’Brien, AAE 608.739.2011



Clint Torp, CM, Airport Director, LaCrosse Regional Airport 608.789.7456

Dave Jensen, CM, Deputy Airport Director, Dane County Regional Airport 608.246.3387

Charity Zich, CM, Airport Director, Chippewa Valley Regional Airport  715.839.6241

Abe Weber, CM, Airport Director, Appleton Int’l Airport 920.832.5267

Kurt Stanich, Airport Manager, Waukesha County Airport 262.521.5250

Greg Cullen, CM, Airport Manager, Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport 608.757.5779


Board Committees

Scholarship and Awards – Dave Jensen

Finance – Marty Piette (Treasurer)

Membership & Hospitality – Kurt Stanich

Governmental Affairs (FAA, BOA and Lobbyist) – Charles Sweet (President)


Wisconsin Aviation Conference Committees

Conference Chair – Brian Grefe (WAMA VP)

Sponsors and Exhibitors – Charity Zich

Registration – Clint Torp

Program – Brian Grefe


Wisconsin Aviation Conference Planning Committee

Bruce Botterman – New View Technology

Paul Bowers – Airport Improvement Magazine

Chris Reis – Mead & Hunt

Hal Davis – WI Bureau of Aeronautics

Helena Ziegler – Mead & Hunt

Kyle Lewis – AOPA

Paul Strege – Mead & Hunt

Scott Brummond – WI Bureau of Aeronautics

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